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With Midian Consulting, Effective Communication is Within Your Reach

Welcome to Midian’s brand-new blog! Our goal here is to address topics that are useful for you in both your professional and personal life. To get started, we would like to introduce ourselves and let you know what Midian is all about!

Midian offers a wide range of services; from in house and online training to help you with public speaking and team building to providing a facilitator or moderator for your next corporate event.  This blog will address the soft skills training that leads to an elevated workplace culture, benefitting both employees and employers alike. We will focus on building authentic connections through effective communication consistency, collaboration, and clarity.

Midian is dedicated to helping individuals and companies thrive with customized leadership and communication training.  After an initial consultation, a program is designed to fit your wants, needs, participant base and desired outcome.  The program is delivered on your schedule – from a single intensive half day to weekly or monthly intervals.  Sessions can be held on or off site, during work or after hours.  Midian works with you to create the biggest return on investment and most impactful training to elevate your employees, teams, and company.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills have always been important in the corporate world, and the online world adds a whole new set of skills; Midian can help you navigate this new challenge. Online courses such as, Mastering Language: Avoiding Imprecise Communication, can help achieve effective communication which aids in your presentation skills and public speaking. We also work with you to hone your body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice, so that your messages are being received exactly as you intended. Midian will help you and your team create and nurture connections through effective communication.

Facilitation and Moderation

Midian can provide a fair and impartial facilitator for your next corporate event. This is key to encouraging participants to speak freely.  It also helps put distance between leadership and the issue at hand, so things can be seen clearly from a fresh perspective. A Midian facilitator will guide your meeting so it will be constructive and productive. We will customize the structure and ground rules of your meeting to meet your needs and ensure everyone has a voice.

When it comes to hosting a panel, Midian will provide an objective moderator. Your moderator will keep the balance between the panelists, engage the audience, manage time, provide thoughtful follow up questions and much more. Midian will provide a moderator to take the challenge of your next panel discussion off your plate and allow you to focus other things.

Team Building

Studies show that employees want to work at a company that values continued professional development and building a positive company culture. Midian can provide you a highly customized training program to encourage cohesiveness in the workplace and improve employees’ work experience, ultimately boosting your bottom line. Midian has multiple resources to help you achieve your goals of improving employee engagement and elevating leadership skills. We utilize role play, group discussion, case studies, tactile challenges, and video feedback and work with you to ensure the sessions are meaningful to the participants and highly interactive with practical applications.

Meet Sheila Miller-Nelson, the Expert You Need on Your Journey Towards Communication Skills

Coaching you through these invaluable lessons is Sheila Miller-Nelson, founder of Midian Consulting, LLC, a certified woman-owned small business. Sheila uses her training in Speech Communications to provide the technical foundation while her American Sign Language interpreter certification adds skill in audience focus, body language and emotional intelligence, all keys to effective communication. Sheila has the experience to support her expertise through her work with companies such as Raytheon, The Aerospace Corporation, Citizens Business Bank, and Golden State Foods. Through this work and her 10 years as a senior trainer with Dale Carnegie; she has helped thousands of individuals to improve not only their careers but also their personal relationships through effective communication skills and leadership skills. Midian is dedicated to helping people wisely use their voice to truly connect and create optimal relationships.

CONNECTION — That’s the power of Midian

Are you Ready to Begin on Your Journey of Building Connections?

All this expertise is now at your fingertips through Midian Consulting LLC. You can sign up for a free consultation or register for an online course (ranging from 2 hours to 4 hours). Sheila will work with you to ensure the appropriate course structure and delivery for the participants. Sheila is also available for in person consultations/training with adherence to COVID-19 guidelines. Quality communication leads to quality connections. Whether it is with your boss, your colleagues, your clients, your spouse, or your children… connection is the power of Midian.

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